One Three's Top Tips

1. Work out your budget at the start

Its important to discuss and finalise a budget prior to starting the build process. This way all parties involved know exactly how much can be spent on the build.

2. Choose the right block

Before buying a block of land, check thoroughly for potential problems such as fill that will subside, proneness to flooding or underground pipes that will severely restrict the available building area.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan

Work out as many details before turning the first shovel of soil. Everything will go so much faster.

4. Question time

Always ask your builder questions to find out as much as you can about what your options are, what will happen and when upfront. Communication is the key to a great building relationship.

5. Find your style

Everyone wants their new home to reflect their very own personal taste and style. Look for opportunities to personalise in the early stages by asking about your façade options. Make your house different and personal. Collecting and sorting magazine pages helps to focus your taste.

6. A home to match your lifestyle

Look for distinct architectural vision and design flair that suits you and your environment. Look around and take photos of neighboring houses to help inspire you. Variations to outdoor areas for entertaining or children's retreats are great examples of home lifestyle choices.

7. Compare "standard" inclusions

Be sure to choose a builder that allows you to have options for what you want in your home. In the end its your house you want to be able to choose things that you like. Look for quality in the builders inclusions. “Standard" appliances, fixtures and fittings can be a cheap bulk inclusion. Look for appliances, fixtures and fittings from brands that you recognise & know are quality.

8. Splurge Wisely

Its very easy to get caught up in the moment. Decide what is a ‘must’ for your new home. Do you really need a brand new lounge?? hmmm.

9. Builders Service

Remember that the house you are buying will be your home. So ensure that the service you receive is professional and that they listen to your requests. You don’t want to feel like just a number.

10. Get the right loan

Having a loan tailor made to your individual needs and requirements can save you thousands of dollars. Look for financial services that offer a range of comprehensive, flexible finance packages with access to a range of major lending institutions.